Saturday, April 14, 2007

Survey Says - LinkedIn

Recently, Bullhorn (a global leader in On Demand, front office staffing and recruiting software, and integrated solutions for staffing and recruiting firms) conducted an industry-wide “Tools of the Trade 2007″ study on established and emerging websites, online social networks, job boards, professional development sites and blogs.

The Survey Says"
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"The majority of staffing and recruiting professionals (68 percent) listed LinkedIn as the online social network they use most frequently, followed by ZoomInfo (12 percent) and Electronic Recruiter Exchange (ERE) (9 percent). Just 4 percent use Jobster most frequently. Only 1 percent and 2 percent of respondents, respectively, reported using Facebook and MySpace most often."

Not surprising, considering the following:
  • Recently, I attended an information session on LinkedIn thanks to the kind folks at Challenger Gray & Christmas and Baker & McKenzie. During the presentation, Sherman Hu, Regional Sales Manager for LinkedIn commented "People who have >20 connections are Thirty Four times more likely to be approached by a recruiter than people with <5".
  • Early in 2006, recruiting/sourcing icon Jim Stroud interviewed Konstantin Guericke, co-founder and former VP of Marketing with LinkedIn (now with Jaxtr). Jim captured the interview as a podcast in his Recruiter's Lounge. During the interview, Konstantin Guericke describes how LinkedIn has become an essential tool in the recruiting tool kit and mentions that over 100,000 of LinkedIn's paying customers are "Recruiters".
  • Master Cybersluething Pioneer Shally Steckerl knows the importance of LinkedIn. Shally is helping recruiting and sourcing professionals learn cutting edge tips and techniques to leverage LinkedIn through JobMachine's LinkedIn Cheat Sheet which provides excellent insight into advance searches in LinkedIn.
Now Consider this....
  • Internationally recognized speaker, Gerry Crispin of Career Crossroads determined that based on his recent source of hire survey, Employee Referrals are Fifty Four times as likely to result in a hire than all the job boards put together. (see blog entry).
If you are networking for new opportunities do you want to be....
LinkedIn or Left Out?
You decide. Here are some resources to help you:
  • The unofficial users guide for executive and professionals - published by the Global Human Capital Journal.
  • Virtual Rolodex video tutorial - Detailed tutorial on LinkedIn by Otis Collier.

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